STRUCTURED by David Palmer

‘Structured’ by David Palmer focuses on the specific design of bespoke sculptural elements for application within the public realm.

David Palmer is valued as designer and a maker of innovative, contemporary bespoke structures.

At DP Structures our whole ethos is to design and create bespoke structures for our clients that are innovative, timeless, and with quality materials and finish. Many of our products make a quality statement in and around their local environment – contributing to ‘placemaking’.

We are highly skilled in working in a variety of steel material, (mild steel, stainless steel, corten steel, copper) to create our bespoke structures. Over recent years we have gained a reputation as specialist designer and maker of corten steel structures. We are also skilled in the use of complementary materials – glass, stone, and hardwood timbers – to create our bespoke structures.

Corten Feature ( Longton)

Corten Steel War Memorial, Leyland ( Lancashire)

Nelson Shuttle

The Shuttle is a contemporary styled 12m-high Corten steel monument. The sculpture represents the town’s historical significance in textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution and forms an iconic focal point within the town centre.

‘Pendle Witch’

A statue to commemorate Alice Nutter, one of the best known of the ‘Pendle witches’. The statue has been innovatively fabricated from Brass and Corten steel.

War Memorial

A contemporary styled stone and glass war memorial designed to complement its heritage town centre setting.

‘The Pals Tree’

A design concept commission for an iconic steel sculpture to commemorate the Accrington Pals regiment as part of the WW1 100th year anniversary events.